PORTSfuture Data Dashboard

This dashboard is a user-friendly tool that allows users to quickly access data on the four county region for various datasets.

  • Population - Total population and percent change in population over time.
  • Demographics - The breakdown of total population by age groups and educational attainment.
  • Detailed Demographics - The distribution of educational attainment by specific age categories.
  • Student Enrollment - Student enrollment by sector and admission area.
  • Migration - In-migration, out-migration, and net migration flows for the four county region.
  • Employment by Industry - Total employment by industry sector in the four county region.
  • Employment by Occupation - Total employment by major occupational categories in the four county region.

Data used to create this site is available by clicking "View Raw Data" found at bottom of the motion chart.

Readme file contain important information about the data used in this analysis.

For a short Data Dashboard tutorial, click here.

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